New entries added!

The Handbook of Montessori Education (Bloomsbury, 2023) will be published in the very near future and includes nearly seventy entries about specific aspects of Montessori education and the Montessori education movement. These entries were just added to the bibliography.

Another addition to the Bibliography are articles from the Japanese language publication, モンテッソーリ教育 / Montessori Kyōiku [Montessori Education]. This is the official publication of the Japanese Association Montessori (JAM) which was first published in 1968. The index for this publication is available through Japan’s national library – the National Diet Library. Citations for articles in this publication from 1968 through 2010 are now a part of the Montessori Bibliography Online. This amounts to nearly 800 entries.

Another recent addition are entries for articles from MoMo (Mondo Montessori) an Italian language publication distributed by Fondazione Montessori Italia. This includes nearly 350 entries, primarily in Italian, and span from 2015 through 2022.

In January 2023 I also added a large group of Hungarian-language entries that I unearthed in the Arcanum Digitális Tudománytár. This collection comprises historical magazines, journals, newspapers, books, and other materials primarily published in Hungary. This resource yielded 206 entries.

Similarly, in early January I learned about a digital library which contains historical materials covering the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland – This resource only yielded 24 entries, but it did fill in an area of geographically and linguistically limited coverage. Prior to this, there were zero entries in Icelandic within the Montessori Bibliography Online and very few focused on this geographical region.

New entries are always being added to the database. I look forward to highlighting some of them here in the future.