New language filter feature

The search interface recently received a revised language filter feature that will hopefully enable more effective searches. This language filter can now be used to search for entries that are available in a specific language or languages. Previously the language filter was not as precise so this is sure to be a welcome update. The two figures below illustrate this new feature.


Language filter box
Figure 1. Language filter
Language filter dropdown list
Figure 2. Language filter dropdown selector list

The interface now allows users to filter a search by one or more languages by selecting from a dropdown selector list. As shown in Figure 2, the list displays the language name (e.g., English, Italian, Dutch). To the right of the language name is a number in parentheses which indicates the number of records in that language. The dropdown list is sorted largest to smallest based on the number of records in each language – not alphabetically.

Hopefully this update improves your experience and search effectiveness. Happy searching!